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Pomegranate Center is shifting the paradigm around how people work together. Through our unique inclusive engagement model we help communities discover their ability to spur change and develop their capacity for authentic collective collaboration. By leveraging the power of Place - where people live- we create the conditions that demonstrate democracy at its best, with stories that change from “us and them” to “we.”

Welcome Back, Katya

For the brand new position of Director of Education we brought in a familiar face: Katya Matanovic. Katya has been with the Pomegranate team for years in various roles, most recently as a trainer alongside her father Milenko. We’re excited for Katya to join the team as we grow our Pomegranate Method training, and hope you’ll join us in celebrating the good news.

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Ground Rules Deep Dive #2: Confront Internal Contradictions

By Milenko Matanovic

Together we are capable of extraordinary achievements. Over the years, Pomegranate Center has encouraged people to uphold a code of conduct that leads to creativity and collaboration. These ground rules are important in creating a positive atmosphere that focuses on how things can be improved, away from complaints. In this series of short pieces, I will look at different ground rules, why they are important, and share stories from the field.

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Pomegranate Launches First Training Refresher Course

After surveying graduates of our Pomegranate Method training, it was clear: you want refresher courses!

So, this summer, join Milenko and Katya for a special REFRESHER COURSE HAPPY HOUR: four hours of project specific coaching, practice, and inspiration to help you put the Pomegranate Method into action in your work.

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Project Update: Delridge Wetlands

A wetland is a habitat of rich biodiversity. A neighborhood is a habitat of rich cultural diversity. What happens when a neighborhood has the opportunity to restore a wetland and integrate it into the surrounding community? Pomegranate Center has been working to discover that answer all year through our collaboration with the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) on the Delridge Wetlands.

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A Challenge to our Community

At the start of 2017, longtime champions of the Pomegranate Center Ron and Eva Sher pledged a $25,000 challenge grant, and friend of Pomegranate Nancy Nordhoff followed suit with a pledged $37,000 challenge grant to support us in our critical transition period. That means we need to raise money from our supporters in order to match the $62,000 in pledged funding.

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Post-election Reflection: How to do it Better Next Time

by Milenko Matanovic

I yearn for leaders who are collaborators.

In an election, I wait for one candidate to say to another, “That’s an interesting insight—I want to think about it.” Or “That is a different perspective—I never thought about that angle.” Or, “Maybe if we combine our ideas, we might do more good.”

Collaboration must become society’s norm. Why? Because we live in a complex world, yet we act as if someone’s individual expertise or ideology can provide all the answers. The present moment calls for “system leaders” who understand that we require each other’s insights to fully comprehend the needs of our society and its diverse peoples, as well as the entire planet we inhabit.

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