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Pomegranate Center brings people together to build stronger communities.

Through training, designing, and building alongside leaders and community members, we make neighborhoods more livable, sustainable, just, and socially engaged. Our work is based on the core values of strong communities of place, collective creativity, and multiple victories where the best ideas solve more than one problem at the same time.

After 30 years of creating gathering places with hundreds  of communities, we are shifting our focus from building to a combination of building and teaching. Through intensive training programs, we want to create a network of Pomegranate Partners across the nation. By leveraging each project as an opportunity to transfer our knowledge and share the Pomegranate Process, we can help more communities.

Our training programs are designed to inspire city staff, design professionals and grassroots leaders – anyone with an interest in community building. Pomegranate Center’s Fellows Training combines a creative approach with effective meeting structure and planning practices, broad public participation, hands-on learning and leadership development.