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Our Team

Milenko Matanovic

Milenko Matanovic
Founder & Executive Director

By combining his talents as a thinker, educator and artist, Milenko strives to help communities become wiser by working together and uncovering new ways to push good ideas into action.


Eric Higbee

Eric Higbee
Landscape Architect

Eric Higbee is a licensed landscape architect and community organizer passionate about involving communities in the design of their public spaces. 


Stephanie Ingram, Architect

Stephanie Ingram


Stephanie joined Pomegranate Center with an interest in working with local communities to design and build meaningful public spaces.


Janet for website

Janet Nelson

Finance Administrator

Janet works hard behind the scenes handling all things financial. After nearly 10 years with Pomegranate Center, she can’t imagine working anywhere else.


Katya Matanovic

Katya Matanovic

Katya is an trainer and organizer with a creative twist. She believes both big ideas and the smallest details need attention to make a great idea come to life.


Board of Directors

James Lauinger

Joe Barrett

Dawn Bushnaq

Catherine Calvert

Lynn Parker

Joshua Curtis