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Liz St. Andre

Liz St. Andre, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

After stumbling across Pomegranate Center’s name in several design books, driving past their office somewhat regularly (she lives in Issaquah and always wondered what the “interesting” building with the gazebo was all about), and admiring a public garden only to realize it was designed by Pomegranate Center, Liz finally contacted Pomegranate Center to ask about volunteer opportunities.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Along with freelance website & marketing work, “Mom” has been Liz’s primary title for the past several years. Before that she was the General Manager and Marketing Director of an online cosmetic company. With 16+ years in marketing and management, she brings a wealth of experience to the Pomegranate Center team.

In addition to her passion for using natural elements in design, Liz hopes to get more families involved with Pomegranate Center’s work. She believes that introducing children to non-profits at an early age raises more responsible, compassionate stewards of the future. When she’s not working or running her kids around from one play date or activity to another, she loves to travel with her family, cook, kayak, read and write. To reach Liz, please email