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Image of the Future Episode One: Curiosity > Consumption





Our first podcast is with Mark Okasaki, the Executive Director of Neighborhood House. In his conversation with Milenko, Mark draws upon his work with refugees and immigrant populations to look toward a more open and hopeful future, a society where we waste less resources and ask more questions. Listen in and find out just what it is that Mark believes will save us.





Ground Rules Deep Dive #6: Look for solutions with multiple uses

By Milenko Matanovic

Together we are capable of extraordinary achievements. Over the years, Pomegranate Center has proven this by encouraging people to uphold a code of conduct that leads to creativity and collaboration. This code of conduct, what we call “ground rules,” is essential to creating a positive atmosphere that focuses on how things can be improved, free from complaints. In this series of short essays, I will look at different ground rules, evaluate why they are important, and share stories from the field.

When Pomegranate Center runs community meetings, we encourage participants to link their ideas with those of others and develop a plan that meets many goals, or a multiple victories approach. It seems like a no-brainer, but it is surprisingly hard to achieve. The obstacle is that we do not come to these meetings to learn and discover, but to fight for single goals.

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A Challenge to our Community

At the start of 2017, friend of Pomegranate Nancy Nordhoff pledged a $37,000 challenge grant to support us in our critical transition period. That means we need to raise money from our supporters in order to match the pledged funding.

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