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Image of the Future Episode Nine: No Fences

On this month’s episode, Milenko reconnected with Elliot Stockstad of Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity, our former project partner for the Woods at Golden Given neighborhood. As a rule, residents in the Woods at Golden Given neighborhood agree to a “no fence neighborhood,” or as Elliot puts it, “If you’re looking for a closed off life from your neighbors, this is probably not the neighborhood for you.” Drawing from our collaborative work with the residents of the intentional community, Elliot reflected on how our region could look in the future if more people look beyond the buildings–and the fences!–that make up their neighborhoods and focus on the social ties inherent to where we live.

Beyond the Umwelt: Bringing Together Communities Through Participatory Design

Biologist Jakob von Uexküll introduced the concept of the “umwelt” in 1909 as a way to capture his observation of the animal kingdom: different species living within the same ecosystem pick up on different environmental signals. The “umwelt” is the small subset of the world that an animal is able to detect. In our splintered, tribalized country, humans are creating their own umwelts. Pomegranate Center sees this firsthand at our office in the Impact Hub co-working space, adjacent to many homeless service providers. In the Pioneer Square neighborhood, professionals come to work every day and never interact with the homeless population outside their office walls.

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Ground Rules Deep Dive #12: Explore Unconventional Approaches; New Conditions Require New Solutions

By Milenko Matanovic

Together we are capable of extraordinary achievements. Over the years, Pomegranate Center has proven this by encouraging people to uphold a code of conduct that leads to creativity and collaboration. This code of conduct, what we call “ground rules,” is essential to creating a positive atmosphere that focuses on how things can be improved, free from complaints. In this series of short essays, I will look at different ground rules, evaluate why they are important, and share stories from the field.

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Goodbye Fahad: An Exit Interview With Our Outgoing Communications Intern

This month, we say goodbye to our communications intern Fahad Aldaajani. Fahad joined us from the University of Washington’s CommLead program, where he earned a Master of Communications in Digital Media. Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Fahad had never experienced firsthand a community process. He attended his first community meeting while at Pomegranate Center. Fahad’s eye for detail and knack for visual storytelling has resulted in numerous collaborations over the last six months, including our Woods at Golden Given project video, Pomegranate Method training promo, and our newly launched Image of the Future podcast. We say goodbye with sadness over the departure of such a talented filmmaker and dedicated community member, but with excitement over all the amazing work we know we’ll see from him in the future.

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Image of the Future Episode Eight: I Teach You, You Teach Me

Milenko welcomes longtime Pomegranate collaborator Bill Cleveland to the podcast. As Director of the Center for the Study of Art and Community, Bill focuses on the development of cultural partnerships. To that end, Bill believes that future citizens must practice empathy and humility with each other. Having seen so much of the world and interacted with many cultures, he found that every encounter with other people is an opportunity for an exchange of wisdom.