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Impressions From an Intern

Guest Post by Danielle VonLehe

Suffice it to say I had, at best, a miniscule idea of what was to come in the weeks following my introduction to the Pomegranate Center. I am a graduating senior in English and Photomedia at the University of Washington, and I reached out to the Pomegranate Center Read more

King County Parks Community Engagement Training

King County Parks is responsible for taking care of 28,000 acres of parks and 175 miles of trails. In order to encourage meaningful discussions with their park and trail users, King County Parks invited Pomegranate Center to train their staff in the art of successful community engagement. Read more

Tribe Embraces New Gathering Place

The Makah Tribe takes great pride in their art, and rightfully so. It is magnificent. Until last month, though, the Tribe didn’t have a beautiful outdoor gathering place for artists to demonstrate their work, share their traditions with others, and hold community celebrations. Read more