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Fall Training Registration Open!

Now more than ever, our communities need help working together, they need new models, and they need new leadership. Community engagement work takes time, and we’re here to provide the tools and structure to make this work easier. Our training will give you more confidence in your facilitation skills, more competency around community process, and more connections to a network of like-minded individuals doing the gritty work of community engagement. Pomegranate Method graduates will have the opportunity to stay in touch with both Pomegranate Center and fellow graduates through our exclusive Facebook group and trainees-only newsletter.


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Ground Rules Deep Dive #4: Respect Those With Whom You Disagree

Together we are capable of extraordinary achievements. Over the years, Pomegranate Center has proven this by encouraging people to uphold a code of conduct that leads to creativity and collaboration. This code of conduct, what we call “ground rules,” is essential to creating a positive atmosphere that focuses on how things can be improved, free from complaints. In this series of short essays, I will look at different ground rules, evaluate why they are important, and share stories from the field.

Opponents are essential for uncovering valuable insights. Enemies are detrimental. They simply shoot down points of view that differ from their own.

Adversaries open our eyes. They help us see a problem from another angle. They remind us that every issue is multifaceted and that the right solution is not in choosing one viewpoint, but to link it to other equally important ones. The solution then can serve multiple uses.

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Turning “Not in my Neighborhood” into “Welcome Home”

A Note From Our Executive Director


Last week the Seattle Times’ front page story was about local resistance to safe injections sites, part of a proposal by public health professionals and local leaders to deal with our ongoing opioid epidemic. This local resistance is part of a larger pattern that has been playing out over the greater Seattle area over that past few years, and beyond. Whether it’s a temporary shelter for the homeless, safe injection sites, or micro apartments, well-intentioned residents are setting a clear message: not in our neighborhood.

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