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Meet a New Board Member: Jenny Calhoun

Jenny Calhoun is committed to improving organizations and society by facilitating authentic human connection. In her current position as Manager of Learning and Organizational Development at the Seattle Colleges, she brings that commitment into how she designs and delivers professional development workshops for staff, faculty and administrators. During her 12 years of training and development experience in nonprofit, healthcare and higher education, she has seen the positive effects of learning environments that honor all voices, invite people to be vulnerable, and encourage collaborative learning.


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Meet a New Board Member: Nina Milligan

Nina Milligan is the Communication Manager for Issaquah Highlands—the planned community of about 10,000 residents, including over 1M square feet of residential/commercial development. She recently served on the Issaquah City Council after eight years on Issaquah’s Urban Village Development Commission. Through both appointments, Nina worked on several land use actions, including very large and complex development agreements. She also served on the Citizens Advisory Group for the Rowley Property development agreement in Central Issaquah, laying the groundwork for the Central Issaquah Plan.

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We’re Moving!

From our humble beginning in founder Milenko Matanovic’s home through twenty-five years in our current Issaquah location, it’s time again for the Pomegranate Center to move on. At the start of May, we’re relocating to the Impact Hub, a co-working space for nonprofits located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

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Goodbye and Hello

A Special Announcement From Pomegranate Center

In conjunction with celebrating our 30th anniversary, Pomegranate Center is excited to announce a key organizational transition and a new addition to our programs.

This week, Founder and Executive Director Milenko Matanovic moves out of his current role and into the role of Director Emeritus. Going forward, he will focus his time and energy on writing and speaking engagements, while continuing to conduct trainings and be involved in special consulting projects as needed.

Eric Higbee, Pomegranate Center’s Design Director, is stepping into the role of Executive Director after four years with the organization. He brings with him a decade’s worth of experience in landscape architecture and a passion for grassroots community organizing.

As a part of Milenko’s new role, he will also head up our newly founded Institute for Everyday Democracy. The institute is a place to exchange ideas, participate in discussions, and generate a body of thought about how we participate in our democracy. It is a natural extension of Milenko’s thirty years teaching communities how to work more collaboratively.

Reflecting on his nonprofit, its legacy, and its future, Milenko says, “Pomegranate Center is a small miracle, and I hope to encourage others to jump into small miracles of their own making.”


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