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Coming Soon From the Institute for Everyday Democracy: Image of the Future Podcast

Next week, we debut our first big project from the Institute for Everyday Democracy: the Image of the Future Podcast. Here, Pomegranate Center founder Milenko Matanovic will host conversations with other thought leaders to collectively explore ideas that prepare us for the future. Milenko has been having these thoughtful conversations for years with so many engaging and innovative people—why not broadcast it for others to hear?

What unites our fellow future imaginers—as with our first, Mark Okazaki of Neighborhood House—is that they embody Pomegranate Center’s three core tenets of community engagement work: they are thinking about these subjects, they are out in the field doing the work, and they are teaching others how to do it. As an organization, we strive to embody these values of thinking, doing, and teaching, and we’re excited to meet so many others who do too.

We know that we can’t create a better future until we first envision it, which is why talking to thought leaders who lead with optimism like Mark Okazaki is so thrilling for us. In his interview with Milenko, Mark drew upon his work with refugees and immigrant populations to look toward a more open and hopeful future, a society where we waste less resources and ask more questions. Tune in for the premiere episode on Wednesday, November 15th and find out just what it is that Mark believes will save us.