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At the start of 2017, friend of Pomegranate Nancy Nordhoff pledged a $37,000 challenge grant to support us in our critical transition period. That means we need to raise money from our supporters in order to match the pledged funding.

Here’s what Nancy, founder of the Hedgebrook residency for women writers, said about why she’s giving: “Now more than ever it is vital for communities to have places where people can come for fun, personal reflection or community gatherings. Pomegranate Center, through its Collaborative Placemaking, can make it all possible. I am happy to be a supporter.”

With this gift, she challenges the Pomegranate community to step up and match her donation. Every dollar you give today will be matched 1:1 by Ms. Nordhoff. Please take a moment to reflect on what our legacy means to you and consider giving below today.