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Fall Training Update: Courageous Conveners

Wow. We met some of the most amazing, wonderful, courageous community builders last month at our Fall Pomegranate Method Training!

This remarkable group of people – working in transportation, housing, design, government, food, art – explored with us what it means to be a convener of a community process and how that critical role can inspire a renewed spirit of democracy.

We have trained folks for years in the practice of fierce facilitation. This year, as we hired our first ever Director of Education and expanded our training curriculum, we are focusing on not simply teaching people how to run a community meeting–write an agenda, establish ground rules, etc.–we’re teaching people how to be conveners.

Pomegranate Center believes in the courageous convener, the person who can hold space in a chaotic room full of different perspectives and diverse backgrounds and motivations and find a way to give everyone a voice. The convener is not only the person overseeing a room of community members for the sake of a collective project, they ensure that people show up to that room. To convene is to assemble, to unite people around a shared vision. It doesn’t matter whether it’s getting neighbors organized around a new park, bringing together disparate government agencies, or working with nonprofits tackling the homelessness crisis, the idea is the same: we need courageous conveners to show people that the tasks at hand are much easier when worked on together.

We have more trainings and other education programs in the works. Stay tuned for the release of our spring training dates.