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Katya Matanovic

Katya Matanovic, Trainer & Strategic Consultant

Katya is an organizer with a creative twist. She believes both big ideas and the smallest details need attention to make a great idea come to life. She is passionate about connecting people to where they live and helping them to create strong, livable neighborhoods Mr. Rogers would be proud of.

Katya is in love with nonprofits. As a kid, she decided her life would be great if it included art, learning and service. She is lucky to have all three in her work with Pomegranate Center. Since her father founded Pomegranate Center when she was a child (that’s right, it isn’t a fluke they have a last name in common), she has been moved by the power of people and organizations serving others.

For over a decade, she has been learning how nonprofits can thrive and change lives. She worked with the Washington Women’s Foundation and the Gottman Institute. And she co-founded One By One, an international women’s health organization. She has served on and managed boards, organized fundraisers, developed programs, taught workshops and written websites (not to mention the less glamorous work that keeps nonprofits running – making coffee and vacuuming.) She sits on the board CityClub and the Leadership Tomorrow Curriculum Committee.

Katya helps keep Pomegranate Center moving forward as a trainer and  “colorist” for gathering places artwork.