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Collaborative Approach

Pomegranate Fellows Training covers many aspects of a truly collaborative planning process:

Pomegranate Fellows learn skills to run meetings in an innovative, inclusive and engaging format. From proposing an idea to a community to the final construction of a project or completion of an event, Fellows make the process collaborative and joyful.

Transparency in Communication
Pomegranate Fellows are trained to thoroughly research before presenting their proposal to the community. This enables them to clearly present all the necessary details and answer all questions with confidence.

Multi-Disciplinary Engagement
Fellows learn that collective creativity and respectfully inviting many viewpoints enriches projects and interjects a level of ownership that would otherwise be absent. Fellows also learn specific ground rules for meetings to help strengthen communication between all stakeholders.

Diverse Learning Environment
Pomegranate Center Fellows Training provides an opportunity to network with professionals from all walks of life and a wide variety of fields: Visual Arts, Architecture, Industrial Design, Education, Community Organizing, Urban Planning, Health Care, Government, Social Work, and Engineering. Many students are seeking fresh inspiration from Pomegranate’s rich history of creative projects.