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Making Waves

Forty-eight years after leaving his home country of Slovenia, Milenko Matanovic went home. This time he was not rebelling against the state, nor shaking up the status quo; instead, he made waves.

Waves is Milenko’s art retrospective that opened last month in Ljubljana. Milenko’s show includes some of his earliest art pieces from his time as a founding member of the renowned OHO Collective, examples of Pomegranate Center’s collaborative artwork created with local communities, as well as brand new pieces created for the exhibit. He chose the exhibit’s name to introduce his idea of the waves of inspiration that have come to him over the years as an artist, community activist, and founder of Pomegranate Center.

“Through years of study, experience, failures, and successes, I came to understand that there was one element I knew of that truly can condense wide ranging-cultural experiences: art. Unlike what most people believe, art is not without boundaries. Indeed it is important to understand that art always works within specific constraints. These limits come from the reality of creating something in the tangible world. There is a beginning and an end to the endeavor, there is the landscape of the canvas, whatever the size or material that might be, and the knowledge that eventually the art must be given away to have any impact,” explains Milenko of his creative process.

Local Slovenian outlet Total Slovenia News has a recap of the exhibit and its opening. Read it here. To see more pictures, check out our Facebook album, courtesy of Bob Ness.

If you’re lucky enough to travel to Slovenia in the coming months, be sure to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, where the exhibit will be on display through June 24, 2018.