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Meet Our New Intern: Fahad Aldaajani

Wondering where that heartwarming Woods at Golden Given video came from? How about the teaser trailers for the Image of the Future podcast? Those are all thanks to the talents of our new communications intern Fahad Aldaajani. Fahad joins us from the University of Washington’s CommLead program where he is earning a Master of Communications in Digital Media. He brings to Pomegranate a talent for photography, an interest in narrative filmmaking, and an openness to always learn something new–great news for us as we explore the world of podcasts!

Tell us a bit about your background and what led you to working at Pomegranate Center.
I was born and raised in a small town back in Saudi Arabia called Alkhafji. It has one of the best beaches in the country, and it was almost the only option to run to whenever I want to enjoy some time outside. This habit created a strong bond between nature and me. Though I wasn’t a photographer or painter at that time, in 2014 when I moved to Eugene, Oregon this relationship became stronger. After Eugene, I decided to move to Seattle to attend the CommLead program at UW and explore the bigger world in this great city.

My background is in marketing and branding in college and photography as a profession. Now I’m working on video storytelling and utilizing content, especially visual, into multi-platforms. Pomegranate was one of top jobs that I thought would be an added value as an internship because of the ambitious vision and the spectrum of tasks where I can learn and practice a variety of skills. I was hired to film the Tacoma Habitat for Humanity video, but that weekend was a bite of an experience that I liked and I wanted more.

Your first project with Pomegranate was the Tacoma Habitat for Humanity video. In the video, all interviewees discussed the importance of community and what it means to them to be a part of the Woods at Golden Given community. So how do you define community?
I was overwhelmed by how people defined community, and I was worried about how to deliver all those wonderful descriptions in a short video and never thought I’d have to answer it! For me, communities are spaces that we create because we know that we need to put our efforts together to reach somewhere where individually we might not be able to reach.

How can storytelling be used as a tool to build community?
Story has been used since we were kids to convey messages and because we tended to play a role within the story, this makes stories very strong. Instead of trying to convince an audience to relate themselves to your idea, it’s more powerful if this idea was conveyed through a story where they can relate or even play a role within it.

What parts of this job feel the most exciting? What do you hope to learn at Pomegranate?
Basically seeing how the projects are playing a major role in building the communities and how people interact is the most valuable feeling for me to invest more time and energy in every project. In addition to that, I feel excited every time I got the chance to learn and challenge myself. For example, the podcast experience was a challenge and a highlight for me. I think of Pomegranate as an incubator where I have mentors and resources to create content in different platforms and learn more about the world, my community, and me.