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Pomegranate Partnerships

For Pomegranate Center, building community one project at a time is no longer enough. We have developed a more sustainable, deeper-reaching model and want to create a movement in which communities themselves have the capacity to lead collaborative change.

Drawing upon our toolbox of experience from 27 years of projects,  countless community engagement processes, and more than 40 built gathering places, Pomegranate Center is committed to turning underutilized (or in some cases, high-crime) neighborhood spots into vibrant spaces that build social capital, to bring safety, a sense of identity, art, and opportunities for celebrations.

How it Works
A Pomegranate Partnership infuses knowledge into local organizations so they can continue Pomegranate Center’s collaborative process locally for the benefit of their community. We train interested individuals in Pomegranate Center methods of community engagement with the goal that they become leaders of future community events and projects. This relationship can also include together creating significant gathering places and projects in 4-5 months and with a lean budget.

Case Study
In 2013 Pomegranate Center tested this collaborative approach in the San Diego area. Through partnerships with San Diego Foundation and local non-profit ARTS, A Reason to Survive, we led a Pomegranate Fellows Training in the area. Once taught our collaborative model, the students and partners built Manzanita Gathering Place. This marked the first individual project led by Pomegranate Fellows, trained in our methods and process, rather than Pomegranate Center staff. With Pomegranate mentorship, ARTS staff and Fellows Training graduates successfully designed and transformed an empty neighborhood pocket into a gathering space with the community. 

Pomegranate Partners
We are proud to have trained and worked alongside the following organizations to help spread our collaborative community-building process.

Blue Mountain Action Council
Blue Mountain Action Council


ARTS A Reason to Survive
ARTS A Reason to Survive





If your city, county, small town, or neighborhood is ready for this type of work and can provide local funds to match please contact us.