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Learn the Pomegranate Method for Inclusive, Effective, and Joyful Community Engagement


We have codified our 30 years of experience, tested over the course of hundreds of community meetings and more than 60 built projects, into the Pomegranate Method. Through training, mentoring, and consulting, we teach neighbors, governments, and professionals how to fully engage communities in productive and creative public processes. The result is collaborative and socially engaged leaders who return to their communities or agencies with the skills for authentic engagement.

Ranging from 2-Day Introductions to 8-Day Project-Supported Intensives, we take the traditional planning process and turn it upside down, breaking every detail into simple, and practical explanations and applications. Each training is a mix of lecture, practice, discussion, case studies, and hands-on application. The modules unfold in a way that allows for both the big picture and the details to be understood. We introduce facilitation techniques right away so that there are practice opportunities at every class.

Upcoming Training:

October 20-21 & 25 Fall Training