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Founded in 1986 by renowned artist and community developer Milenko Matanovic, the Pomegranate Center focuses on the art and practice of public participation.

We’ve combined artistic philosophy and practical application into an adaptable and scalable curriculum that supports “people first” principles and advances the principles of “common wisdom.”

The Pomegranate Method, honed over thirty years of hands-on, corrected failures, provides our clients with tools to engage and manage diverse audiences using a combination of scripts, mentorship, and step-by-step instructions that results in a refreshed sense of community and joy.

We offer training to individuals, agencies, non-profits, corporations, foundations, or any community-facing institutions in areas of community engagement, education, policymaking, organizational development, corporate team building, and public process. With hundreds of successful programs and collaborations under our belt, we have witnessed the long-term impact our method has on communities of all types and the dynamic, joyful outcomes our clients have experienced.

Based in Seattle, Washington, we offer training, coaching, and facilitation throughout the Northwest region, U.S., and internationally.