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Pomegranate Center Board of Directors

Joe Barrett 

Joe oversees Vendaria’s global sales organization, which is responsible for establishing new manufacturer, retailer, and service company accounts, growing and servicing current accounts, and building strategic relationships with new and existing business partners. He brings over 20 years of highly relevant professional experience to his role at Vendaria, leveraging a rare blend of expertise in sales & marketing, ecommerce, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, global management, and financial and analytical acumen – honed at the likes of Procter & Gamble, Harvard Business School, Alliance Consulting Group, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., Corbis, and a half-dozen venture and angel-funded Internet commerce startups where he was either a co-founder or CEO. Joe brings an “outside-in” methodology to all client opportunities, seeking to deliver the maximum benefit for Vendaria’s clients (and their customers and shoppers) based on an integrated view of markets, products, competitive dynamics, user experience rigor, profit and ROI considerations, available and advanced technologies, multi-channel opportunities, and client budgets.


Dawn Bushnaq 







Juan Calaf

Juan is a community-based architect/planner with more than 15 years of experience in community planning, participatory design, and green affordable housing development. He has engaged deeply in a variety of innovative community development projects, facilitating “end-user” participation to engage stakeholders as planners and problem-solvers for their future neighborhoods – from visioning, to documentation, to implementation. Juan has worked as a project manager, advocacy planner, group facilitator, and green technical assistance provider in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico. He believes one of his greatest strengths is in creating visual literacy tools that allow multiple stakeholders to understand and to participate in complex projects. Currently, he is a planner working on transit-oriented development planning with Sound Transit – Central  Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority.



Bob Ness

Bob has been on the faculty, adjunct faculty, lectured, and/or served as faculty advisor at 9 universities. With formal training in clinical and consulting psychology, specialization in group and organizational behavior, he also has advanced training in sociology, negotiations, and leadership education.

Beyond consulting, Bob has served in variety of roles with nonprofits, including 23 boards of directors, been a nonprofit executive director for several organizations, and having been in staff and volunteer roles. These experiences help him connect with and understand people who have challenges in various positions within an organization. Bob is the Co-Founder and Chair of Global Leadership Forum.


We are currently looking for new board members who are excited about our mission, bring diverse perspectives, and who are willing to share their time, skills, and networks. The Board meets once a month and contributes strategic direction, fiscal oversight, and professional services in support of the organization. For more information, please email us at