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Annual Fund Drive

“If we don’t do it right, people turn into cynics rather than participants.”

At a Pomegranate Center training, this is how Founder Milenko Matanovic describes why we need strong, inclusive civic engagement. Now more than ever, Pomegranate needs your investment. At a time when our country is fracturing along party lines, you can help us motivate individuals and communities to stand up and participate, rather than give up.

A donation to the Pomegranate Center will help us to inspire change and bring neighbors together.

Pomegranate trainings teach neighbors, agencies, and professionals how to strengthen their communities through a process we call the “Pomegranate Method.” Trainees learn to take their idea from its infancy to its completion. Through our trainings, we cultivate collaborative, socially engaged leaders who go on to take action creating joyful, safe, and prosperous communities. We teach them how to apply their knowledge to creating projects that benefit their neighborhoods.

In 2016 alone, 125 people were served through our trainings–many right here in the Pacific Northwest and some as far flung as California and New Zealand. In four Auckland communities, Milenko introduced the Pomegranate Method through a series of public workshops on how neighborhoods can come together to build vibrant community spaces. You can help us take our training to more cities and towns here at home, and to more corners of the country and world.

Auckland participant Claire said of her time in the workshop, “I am inspired to get involved in my community development. Milenko was an amazing teacher and I am grateful that he is leading our world to a people centered future by inspiring and empowering warrior facilitators through this community-led process.”

Please take a moment to think about Claire’s comments and reflect on what collaboration means to you. If you believe collaboration makes for better communities, donate today.