Provider overview

Paperwork and documentation are a part of every business. Storing those documents securely may be troublesome, and it poses a security risk if someone were to physically misplace important documents. Business transactions require a large amount of data, and if some files went missing, the deal could fall through. The Aversure virtual data room was created to stop events like this from happening. 

The company is a virtual data room provider that focuses on executing transactions. It can also help with fund reporting and has a user-friendly interface that reminds users of folder structures known from regular operating systems.

What does Aversure do best?

Dealing with large, complex transactions can be complicated and stressful. Through the file storage solution that the Aversure data room puts forward, managing those processes is simpler. Their advanced security features and intuitive design makes for an efficient and less costly operation.

To sum up:

  • Aversure is best for companies that deal with many transactions or manage their own funds.
  • Aversure data room solution comes in the form of an intuitive, desktop-like experience, which is perfect for companies that don’t want to put their team through another training program.

Aversure’s features 

An Aversure virtual data room is full of features, but the most outstanding include:

  • Intuitive software. The interface consists of a familiar layout that even new users can easily navigate.
  • Focus on professionals. Businessmen from different industries benefit from the use of this solution.
  • Easy document organization. Due to the simplicity of the design, users can maneuver files in ways to help with organization. 
  • Focus on security. As with every virtual data room, security is key, and an Aversure data room provides it with access permissions, audit trail, secure file viewer, and other features.
  • Q&A capabilities. When there is a document missing or there are spelling errors, the Q&A capability is invaluable.
  • Pre-programmed indexing. Even if you have problems sorting through your documents, the pre-programmed indexing will help you find what you’re looking for.

Solutions by Aversure

Apart from the features listed above, there are a couple of solutions that make the Aversure data room stand out from its competitors. 

This virtual data room solution runs on your browser and is not dependent on any plugins or additional software. This way, you are able to focus on your work — not on software updates. 

This means that the company will do everything in its power to keep the software in the browser running while you can get to work on that due diligence process or private equity deal. 


Aversure virtual data room provider promises its users a straightforward experience. Their interface looks like a folder structure from a normal computer, and through their web-based software solution, you can be sure that you are always running the latest version. 

Check this product out for yourself, as it provides a free trial.