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Rokenbok Educational Foundation Supports Pomegranate Center’s Trainings

Rokenbok Educational Foundation


Rokenbok is an award-winning manufacturer of children’s building toys and an active supporter of organizations that share a passion for building strong, connected communities across the nation. In January, 2014, the Rokenbok Educational Foundation awarded Pomegranate Center a $350,000 grant to be distributed over a five-year period. These funds enable Pomegranate Center to continue transforming and connecting communities while implementing training and mentoring programs that teach crucial leadership skills. Rokenbok CEO, Paul Eichen, said the following about awarding this grant to Pomegranate Center:

     “Pomegranate Center’s arts-based method of collaborative community building is the best model we have ever encountered. It has become clear that what Pomegranate Center teaches can benefit communities all over the country. This grant will help Pomegranate Center create a network of community builders able to support each other in building communities for many years to come.”

Paul Eichen, CEO Rokenbok

Milenko Matanovic, founder of the Pomegranate Center, expressed deep appreciation for the Rokenbok grant, “Paul’s gift will unlock new opportunities for Pomegranate Center to train a new generation of leaders capable of improving their communities. We are honored to receive this support to continue sharing our 27+ years of experience.”

Matanovic and Eichen originally met in 2011 and quickly realized their shared vision for community building. Their first project together was in collaboration with San Diego non-profit A Reason to Survive (ARTS), and resulted in the transformation of an unsafe, unused space into a much-needed gathering place for a San Diego neighborhood.

To learn more about Rokenbok’s educational, award-winning toys, please visit their website.