Pomegranate Center

Angelica Camargo


“As a world language teacher, I encourage collaboration and create an environment where all students feel safe and heard. Pomegranate’s mission does precisely this. It creates a platform where people create and problem-solve in a safe, positive, and respectful environment.

I am so excited to support and learn from an organization that provides a method which communities can use to create, build, and grow together.”

Angelica Camargo, born and raised in Mexico City, has taught Spanish as a second language to young children for more than ten years. She has firsthand knowledge on how language is acquired and the multiple benefits of bilingual education for young children. In 2006 she founded the first Spanish Immersion school for children. She is currently teaching Spanish as a specialist at The Bush School in Seattle.

Angelica holds a J.D. from La Salle University, and she is currently pursuing an M.A. in Strategic Communication from Washington State University.