Pomegranate Center

Bob Ness


“Pomegranate has a long history of increasing neighborliness and developing community amenities, art, and healthy communities. [Its approach offers] solutions to some of today’s most vexing community problems.”

Bob Ness is the chair and co-founder of the Global Leadership Forum.  He has taught at 9 universities.  With formal training in clinical and counseling psychology he has specialized in leadership, group, conflict management/negotiations, organization, community, and international development. His consultation has been to all sectors…business, the social sector, and government. He has a national and international consulting practice.  He has been on the Board of 25 nonprofit organizations, been the executive of several, and founded several.   He currently serves as VP of the Peg and Rick Young Foundation.

He has broad interests in the arts and was professional singer. He has exhibited photography, acted in a feature movie and on stage, published poetry, worked with hot and cold glass, bronze, and visual arts.  He has been a consultant with Pomegranate in developing future community visions as well as participating in Pomegranate community space projects.