Pomegranate Center

Alas, Pomegranate Center, the nonprofit, has moved to the great beyond. Pomegranate Associates, LLC will carry on the work. Read more

Nick Dreher


“From my experience working with diverse communities, from small farmers in Oregon to refugees in the US and abroad, I understand the need to include all voices, all stories. Pomegranate’s approach embraces the value and complexity of collaboration in diverse communities. This approach is absolutely critical today.”

Nick is the staff coordinator for Pangea Giving, a volunteer-led giving circle that funds grassroots organizations throughout the Global South. He is also the adviser for the undergraduate landscape architecture program at University of Washington. In this role, he is involved in diversity and equity initiatives in the College of Built Environments as well as the College’s strategic planning process. Nick has worn the hats of teacher, coach, editor, facilitator, and program coordinator. He has a bachelor’s degree in international studies from American University and a master’s in environmental studies from University of Oregon.