About Citrix ShareFile

Citrix VDR is a cloud storage and multifunctional business transaction tool. The software is used to store, share, and protect confidential data, regardless of user location. In addition, admins can control access and monitor data exchange.

What does a Citrix virtual data room do best?

Companies often choose virtual data rooms to smooth their workflows. FileShare provides such capabilities too. Still, this team considers its best advantage to be data protection. Each user gets:

  • data integrity both during storage and transmission, 256-bit encryption
  • HMAC mechanism for the resilience of intra-system communications to third-party interference and change
  • robust ShareFile mobile app reducing the risk of being hacked or leaking data
  • equipped processing centers to protect the contents of data rooms in case of disasters
  • generation of links to files with the use of reliable codes automatically
  • option to set a password and expiration date for any document or link

What do users like and dislike?

Citrix ShareFile reviews help potential users learn about the software’s advantages and disadvantages. The value of the information lies in the truthfulness and experience of current users.


  • around the clock high-quality technical support
  • hassle-free authorization after installation
  • access to the database and features regardless of location
  • the ability to manage workflows and other participants in one workspace


  • lags in the system even with good internet speed 
  • installation sometimes takes too much time and effort 
  • lack of update notifications

Citrix ShareFile features 

The purpose of this product’s functionality is to provide secure mechanisms for day-to-day operations and deals.

  • Watermarks. It is a method for tracking sent files by overlaying a special seal or image to identify ownership. If leakage occurs, a specific document’s trail is easier to track and monitor.
  • Access control. Administrators manage permissions on the platform. So, there are settings that allow or prohibit viewing, printing, or forwarding documents.
  • Simplified search. There is no need to rummage through hundreds of files to find what you’re looking for. Searching for keywords helps to locate the document much faster.
  • Activity logs. The program generates and sends reports to managers on a set schedule. That way, admins are aware of all operations taking place in the VDR data room.

Citrix ShareFile solutions

Concern for confidentiality slows down deals. The provider does its best to relieve parties of this problem. The following is a list of industries choosing Citrix for faster workflows.


ShareFile offers financial institutions storage with the most requested integrated applications in the industry. As a result, it is easy for employees to work with spreadsheets, customer data, and legal documents. The software complies with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority standards. It strengthens the position of firms in the market.


The platform protects all types of organizational data, right down to email attachments. Legal professionals store customer and transaction information relying on bank-level encryption. They also benefit from the Citrix expert support for adhering to the LGRC (Legal governance, risk management, and compliance) ruleset.


The industry is sharing protected health information without complicated and outdated FTP (File Transfer Protocol) now. HIPAA compliance improves patient care and the reliability of a healthcare organization.