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Pomegranate Center offers tailored consulting and mentorship services to help organizations and agencies maximize their community engagement efforts. We work directly with our clients to observe and mentor their work on their projects, helping them to incorporate best-practices for community engagement and avoid common pitfalls.

Pomegranate Center’s expertise has been used by cities such as Kent, Shoreline, Burien, Seattle, Issaquah, Chattanooga, Calgary; agencies such as Parks Departments, Economic Development Departments, FEMA, US Department of Energy; schools and other nonprofit organizations; environmental groups; and arts organizations, to name a few.


Case Study: King County Parks Community Engagement Training

King County Parks is responsible for taking care of 28,000 acres of parks and 175 miles of trails. In order to encourage meaningful decision-making with their park and trail users, King County Parks invited Pomegranate Center to train their staff in the art of successful community engagement. Through our customized training, Pomegranate Center taught Parks staff how create a more transparent meeting and development process, empower Parks staff to work more effectively with the public, and help the agency as a whole to adopt a community engagement-oriented culture. After the training, Pomegranate Center mentored Parks staff through two community-driven projects in Issaquah and Black Diamond.

“I learned so much and was blessed to have Milenko mentor me through a couple of community engagement processes. I think you have to go through the whole process no matter what the issue. Even if you have things that are non-negotiable in your outcome you can still find opportunities where the community can provide meaningful input and feel engaged, which grows ownership in the outcome.” – Kelly Heintz, Parks & Recreation Division.