About DealRoom

DealRoom Virtual Data Room has been on the market since 2013. Partnering with leading companies around the world, DealRoom keeps up with even the most experienced providers today.

What sets the software apart from all others is the tech ecosystem. Hence, supporting the ecosystems of startups is the service mission.

What is the DealRoom ecosystem?

The first step is to brush up on the concept of ecosystems in a business context. Startups are part of a specific system. They cannot each exist on their own or without community support. 

In other words, it is a complex structure of the following interdependent components: 

The startups themselves

These organizations influence economic growth by providing new jobs. Once they go public, investors benefit, and then so does the ecosystem itself.


It is an inexhaustible resource in the hands of ecosystem startups. Therefore, educational programs provide an opportunity for young talents to prove themselves in this area. They study artificial intelligence, data science, and more.


It is a pillar without which a startup is unlikely to survive. It is crucial to find a reliable source of funding to increase the chances of success.

Online tools

Hack-proof collaboration platforms give directors peace of mind. Safe access to data from any location empowers participants.

DealRoom offers the aforementioned online tool. Built-in mechanisms make it possible to:

  • handle large amounts of data
  • work on a single site with any number of persons
  • look for investors
  • provide information on activities to local authorities

The main benefit of using DealRoom’s ecosystem technology is in-depth knowledge. Understanding each process helps define the future course of action. 

DealRoom feature set

At the end of 2020, the provider updated some services for users. They now have the following options to speed up work.

  • Updated export 

Data download is available in .xlsx and CSV format — only for premium users.

  • Information about employees 

Even if the company has several branches, management owns the data of all colleagues. In addition, directors can make changes when needed.

  • Monitoring investors 

Now it is easy to track investor activity quarterly, biannually, or annually. That is how directors see the most active of them.

  • Real-time reports

These documents consist of information about the actions of each user. Administrators can get the record upon request at any time.

DealRoom solutions

DealRoom data room solutions provide more insight to potential customers through the lens of use cases.

Business development

The platform has a database of startups and venture capital. With this information, directors are more likely to form strategic alliances.

Advisory tool

The data collected by DealRoom on startups can improve the position of companies in the market. Awareness of minor changes and current trends helps to understand where to go next.


Hiring employees is a top priority for growing organizations. And on the platform, users can learn about expanding teams and getting investments. Program notifications also make a user the first to contact a customer to provide an edge over competitors.