There are many virtual data room providers on the market. Some concentrate on special security features, others rely on sophisticated app integration features, and there are also those that provide special templates for selected use cases. What does Donnelley specialize in? Let’s find out. 

Donnelley Venue: High-level description

Donnelley Financial Solutions, or Dfin, is a provider of software solutions for the financial market. Apart from being a virtual data room provider, they also help businesses with SEC filings, governance, and books of record. 

When it comes to their online file repository called Venue, one of its strongest features is AI technology and machine learning that helps the company manage its documents. The RR Donnelley data room is a combination of new technological advancements with the convenience that a business should have.

What does Venue do best?

The use of AI technology is a strong feature of this virtual data room. Their AI Contract analytics can help you shift from a manual approach to contract analysis to being completely AI-based. 

The software is able to analyze over 50 files per minute, find relevant provisions, and note more than 115 types of data points. Equipped with that feature, the RR Donnelley VDR stands out on the virtual data room market.

Venue’s other features 

Apart from their AI feature, Donnelley Venue is also equipped with the following:

  • User-friendly interface. Setting up the virtual data room is a very easy and straightforward process. Putting in files in bulk and then arranging them into the structure is almost effortless, as the full folder arrangement view shows you everything that you need to see. 
  • Defense against threats. Virus scanning, 256-bit encryption, and automatic watermarking are all security features that help keep your files safe. You can also establish who has access to what, and that increases data security. 
  • Analytics. The virtual data room provides you with extensive reports about the use of the virtual room, changes made to the documents placed there, and how long someone has spent looking through your documents. 
  • Management. As Donnelley is encouraging people to approach a couple of projects at the same time, it also has tools designed especially to help you manage those projects. You can oversee everyone’s workflow from one place. 

Solutions made by Donnelley 

The RR Donnelley virtual data room is only the entry point to many other solutions that Donnelley provides. Whether you are looking to go public or to conclude an M&A, Donnelley can help you. Communicating with investors is also much easier thanks to their Proxy for Public and Fund Companies. And if you are curious if you meet all the required industry standards, you can lean on their RBOR (Regulatory Book of Records) service. 


Donnelley virtual data room is not just a provider but also a hub for everything financial. Venue will help you organize your company’s documentation with the use of AI technology. If you are curious about what Donnelley’s has to offer, check out their website!