Best Provider 2020

A Review of the Leader in virtual data room Security

Virtual data rooms (VDR) are online depositories where organizations store and share documents. Using a VDR allows the organization to keep control of who can access their documents and how. 

iDeals is one of the world’s top virtual data room providers for offering the highest security levels and because of its easy-to-understand and simple-to-use platform.

How secure is an iDeals Virtual Data Room?

An iDeals virtual data room is the most secure on the market. It is certified with leading data management industry credentials, such as:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Data Centers
  • SOC 1 or 2 Certified Data Centers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant

The security features in iDeals virtual data rooms range from the strict access policies to physical vaults, to the possibility of remotely wiping encrypted data from a lost or stolen device. Here are a few more of those features:

  • fail-safe environment: because of their resilient infrastructure, iDeals data rooms are fail-safe, and function around the clock 
  • real-time data backup: iDeals virtual data rooms create encrypted backups of all uploaded documents to help prevent data loss
  • disaster recovery: physical data centers are protected against fires and floods, so that clients’ data remains available under all circumstances
  • granular permission settings: administrators can grant access to their documents to individuals or to groups, choose what data room sections they are allowed to access, and revoke those permissions at any time
  • logging and reporting: iDeals data rooms create detailed access logs, so that administrators know exactly who viewed what document at what time
  • user security impersonation: administrators can view their VDRs as if they were logged in with another user’s account. This allows administrators to make sure each user can only access the documents they are authorized to view.
  • eight levels of document access rights: administrators can grant other users eight different kinds of permissions, from “upload” to “download encrypted PDF”
  • no footprints: when the client views a secure document, that information is stored in RAM only, so it’s not permanently written in their device
  • remote shred: the administrator can decide for how long a document will be available for download, and they can revoke file access permission even after the document has been downloaded.

How user-friendly is iDeals Virtual Data Room?

Besides being the most secure, iDeals virtual data rooms are also among the easiest to use. According to various client reviews, iDeals virtual data rooms are so intuitive that many clients don’t even need training.

Here are a few of the features that make iDeals virtual data rooms so simple to understand and operate:

  • document management: among other features, it’s possible to upload 25+ file formats, use drag-n-drop uploads, do bulk uploads, and conduct full-text searches 
  • ease of use: no plugins are needed to use an iDeals virtual data room, documents can be viewed easily from mobile devices, and VDRs are available in 14 languages
  • Q&A: clients can create FAQ sections and forums, assign experts to answer questions, decide who has access to what threads, and more
  • speed and availability: iDeals VDRs have a transfer speed of 200 Mbps, and the service never shuts down for maintenance
  • customization: among others, administrators can customize their data rooms, watermarks, and document headers and footers

What solutions does an iDeals Virtual Data Room offer?

iDeals VDRs offer solutions for organizations to store and share documents through all of the following processes:

  • online due diligence: sharing documents for any process that requires due diligence
  • mergers & acquisitions: sellers can create pre-marketing data rooms to share information with potential buyers, and they can also use data rooms to make the integration between departments easier after the merger
  • board communications: a virtual data room facilitates meeting organization for board members who would otherwise have to travel, as well as to give them access to documentation on- and offline
  • bankruptcy and restructuring: all parties concerned have easier and quicker access to relevant data

What industries does iDeals work with?

Among others, iDeals VDRs has 13 years of experience providing services to clients in the following industries:

  • life sciences
  • real estate management 
  • corporate finance
  • investment banking 
  • legal services
  • energy 
  • IT security

Besides the security and ease of use of the data rooms, iDeals clients also report that they are happy with the provider’s responsive customer support, the number of virtual data room features, and pricing, which they consider reasonable and accessible.