Because of the countless number of virtual data room providers to choose from, it is difficult to decide on the perfect software for your needs. 

VDRPro by Intralinks offers unique product solutions to distinguish their virtual data rooms from the competition. Let’s take a closer look at what the Intralinks data room has to offer. 

VDRPro by Intralinks

The greeting on the Intralinks virtual data room main page is: 

“The fastest, smartest virtual data room. Anywhere.”

Those are pretty big claims, but does the provider have enough data to support them? As we investigate the topic deeper, we see that those are not just empty promises. The VDRPro not only uses AI technology to help facilitate deals but combines live support to make a truly unique solution. The VDRPro is an advanced solution that captures both the current technological advancements and the human element. 

What does VDRPro do best?

The Intralinks virtual data room is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. The creators of this virtual data room took information from the market, combined it with the newest technological solutions available, and created a truly outstanding and sophisticated product. This leads to a better-optimized workflow and a quicker due diligence process.

VDRPro by Intralinks’s features

Their advanced solutions aren’t the only features that the Intralinks data room provides. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Deal prep. The company knows how important M&A deals are, and this is why they created a special section, which helps to prepare for such occasions.
  • File prep. By using their M&A preparation platform, you can also organize documents before they go live for due diligence. 
  • Video support with Zoom. VDRPro allows the tech-support team to solve problems and address technical issues from within the virtual data room using Zoom.
  • M&A workflow management. Deal prep is even easier with this one-click document approval solution. It saves you additional time and optimizes the workflow of your company. 
  • AI capabilities. If there are certain documents that need to be redacted, you can delegate that task to the onboard AI system. Apart from helping you manage your files in the virtual data room, it can also alter those documents, so there is no breach of confidentiality. 

Intralinks solutions

At Intralinks, everything revolves around their VDRPro. Here are some transactions and operations that benefit from the use of the Intralinks virtual data room.

  • Restructuring. If your company is going through tough times, you can count on Intralinks to help. Restructuring involves the management of a lot of paperwork. Implementing Intralinks saves time and money.
  • Board reporting. Board meetings are an important phase in the lifecycle of the company — they also involve the creation of sensitive files. Using Intralinks’s board reporting features helps keep that information private.
  • IPO. When preparing your company to go public, transparency is key. Intralinks can help you with that with their modern, one-step solutions.


There are very few virtual data room providers that balance the human element and technological advancements in their software solutions. Their VDRPro can help you restructure your company and go public. Visit their website for more information.