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Katya Matanovic

Katya Matanovic, Director of Education

As Pomegranate Center’s Director of Education, Katya gets to be a space-maker: creating places, time, and ways for people to discover their roles in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and cities, and shape the future of civic discourse. She is passionate about connecting people to where they live and helping them to create strong, livable neighborhoods that Mr. Rogers would be proud of.

As a teenager, Katya decided her life would be pretty great if it included family, friends, art, learning, and service. She is lucky to have all these in her work with Pomegranate Center. (She gets to work with her dad, and she knows how rare and lucky that is.)

For nearly two decades, she has been learning how nonprofits can thrive and change lives. She worked with the Washington Women’s Foundation and the Gottman Institute and co-founded One By One, an international women’s health organization. She is a 2014 University of Washington Women of Courage award recipient and a 2010 Leadership Tomorrow graduate. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two kids.