Pomegranate Center

Alas, Pomegranate Center, the nonprofit, has moved to the great beyond. Pomegranate Associates, LLC will carry on the work. Read more



Here’s a sample of some of the folks with whom we’ve been fortunate to work.

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum strives to be an inclusive institution that facilitates respectful dialogue, debate, and the free exchange of ideas. Pomegranate Center is proud to partner with PAM offering them the spectrum of our services. Visit Portland Art Museum

Sno-Isle Libraries

Sno-Isle Libraries is a public library system serving Island and Snohomish counties in the U.S. state of Washington. The system is among the largest in Washington state and has an annual circulation of 11 million materials. Pomegranate Center is honored to partner with Sno-Isle around a new campus project. Visit Sno-Isle Libraries

City of Auckland

Since 2016 Pomegranate Center has developed a close relationship with the City of Auckland to present a series of public workshops on how neighborhoods can come together to build vibrant community spaces. Visit City of Auckland

King County Parks

Pomegranate Center created a customized training and mentorship program that focused on adapting current Parks projects to be more transparent, inclusive, decisive and pleasant. The program broughtPomegranate Center’s years of experience working with communities in the planning, designing, and building of public spaces to help King County Parks as a whole to adopt a community engagement-focused culture. Visit King County Parks

ARTS – A Reason To Survive

Nearly 500 community members came together to work with Pomegranate Center, ARTS (A Reason to Survive), and the San Diego Foundation to transform a neglected, misused site into a place the community now uses with pride. Through a purposefully short 4 month process (designed to keep community members engaged) the community collaboratively planned and built a revitalized park space. Visit ARTS – A Reason To Survive

Tully’s Coffee

Engaged, inspired people are capable of incredible acts: during the summer of 2011, 470 community members got involved with one of the four gathering places we built in partnership with Tully’s Coffee. They used 20 gallons of paint and 18 gallons of wood preservative, mixed 473 bags of concrete by hand, placed 67 tons of rock, spread 81 cubic yards of soil, placed 45,000 dots on banners, carved 350 sq. feet of cedar, created 500 feet of paths – all with willingness, care and joy. Visit Tully’s Coffee