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Cambie Community Gathering Place

Cambie Community Gathering Place, Richmond, BC, Canada (near Vancouver)

Pomegranate Center worked with the City of Richmond, East Richmond Community Association, and 100 local volunteers to create this gathering place and amphitheater seating 150 people in a diverse, mixed income neighborhood. The amphitheater is set within a circular earth mound and is comprised of threes set ions separated by three paths leading to its center. Visual elements and materials represent the people and the place:  Ocean Pearl stone from Vancouver Island for benches; cedar for posts; and an acid-washed concrete floor inlaid with strips of colored acrylic suggesting the community’s delta-like landscape. The project, a model of cooperation between community members and municipalities, is a focal point for the community both defining its identity and serving as a catalyst for future endeavors.

Partners:  City of Richmond, East Richmond Community Association, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union