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Pomegranate Center’s Guiding Values

From the beginning, Pomegranate Center committed to be guided by this set of principles:

  • Long Term Vision. Address immediate needs with solutions that will sustain future generations.
  • Integrative Approach. Solve community problems by combining the insights of many disciplines.
  • Reverence for Place. Respect local identity and natural setting, and respond to site-specific conditions
  • Constructive Communication. Encourage positive dialogue.
  • Inclusion. Bring forward diverse voices. See differences as gifts, and recognize that leadership, ideas, and expertise can emerge from anywhere.
  • Practice-Based Learning. Learn and educate through hands-on involvement.
  • Community Driven. Ensure participation, productive ownership, and stewardship by the community.
  • Aesthetic Integrity. Create with imagination, improvisation, and artistry.
  • Innovation. Stretch beyond the limits of conventional thinking.
  • Initiative. Turn complex ideas into manageable projects that happen quickly.
  • Celebration. Allow for humor and spontaneity.

Please visit our Projects Page to see the results of our approach.