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Croft Place

Croft Place, West Seattle, WA

Engaging residents in personalizing and beautifying their new neighborhood

Croft Place is a model of quality, affordable housing and environmentally sustainable design. Pomegranate Center was invited by Croft Place owner, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, to involve residents in humanizing and beautifying their new neighborhood. Together, we created a series of artistic elements that have given residents a sense of belonging: a school bus shelter, two gateways constructed of salvaged cedars with artwork celebrating local flora; personalized for the lintels above each family’s apartment; and banners to enhance the community center. Residents learned skills and formed new relationships by working together throughout the construction process.

West Seattle, WA
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Lead Designer:
Milenko Matanovic
Project Manager:
Duncan Chalmers
Project Team Members:
Chiaki Takanohara, Nico vanEngelen, Annie vanEngelen, Amna Alvi, Melanie Mercer
Vounteer Hours:

Media: Seattle P-I