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Bellevue, WA  2009

Partners:  Terranomics International Investors, City of Bellevue, Crossroads Shopping Center

A community garden or “P-Patch” was created within the parking lot of this shopping mall.

Crossroads Shopping Center in Bellevue, WA is an extraordinary gathering place for many reasons: a superb international food court, free live music, a farmer’s market, and fierce chess tournaments. So it was no surprise to us when Ron Sher, Crossroads developer, told us about his vision to turn part of the parking lot into a community garden. Pomegranate Center worked with gardeners and volunteers over three days to transform this space into a beautiful and productive community destination.

Along with more than 30 volunteers, we worked together to build a garden fence, gateway, kiosk, benches, and a picnic shelter.

Media: Bellevue Reporter