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Edith Carrie Gathering Place

Walla Walla, WA  2007

Partners:  Sherwood Trust, Blue Mountain Action Council, Community to Community (C2C), Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Dept.

Park with a shelter adjacent to a small amphitheater.

After working and planning with Walla Walla partners and the neighborhood for more than a year, Pomegranate Center brought a team of 14 staff and volunteers to join forces with our Walla Walla counterparts and community members.

In what all participants agreed was a magical week, we created a neighborhood park with a shelter, an amphitheater, two gateways, a fence made from salvaged wood, benches, a large mural, punched-tin lanterns, and ornamental clay beads.

Tables and benches were all constructed from black walnut trees, salvaged from the city golf course by the Parks and Recreation Department after a windstorm. Asphalt spoils from paving projects around town were used for the park’s walking path.  Neighbors contributed everything from donating their time sanding, staining and carving to making a handmade piñata and home cooked meals for the volunteers.


Media: Walla Wall Union-Bulletin