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Holy Cross Lutheran

Factoria, WA  2011

An acre and a half of underused green space was converted into a community gathering place with an amphitheater and garden shelter.


Factoria is packed with buildings – malls and shopping and schools and apartments and houses – and people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities and income levels. But one thing is missing – an outdoor space for the whole community.

As Pomegranate Center’s 2011 Dig Fund Project, an acre and a half of underused green space will be converted into a public amenity. The plot is owned by Holy Cross Lutheran Church, and the congregation has made a commitment to work with Factoria neighbors and businesses to turn the precious corner into a community gathering space. Already neighbors have built a young community garden (that produced over 800 pounds of fresh organic produce for the food bank in its first year). Plans are afoot to bring the old orchard back to life, too.

And through the process, the community of Factoria will become more connected – the plot will be planned, designed and built with the help of lots and lots of neighbors.

Planning began on April 30, 2011 with an all day community planning and design workshop. Public Space Rangers spent the afternoon turning community ideas into plans and by the evening a plan was formed.

Next, we will build! In three amazing days – July 29-31 – Factoria residents will come together to turn ideas into action. Everyone will be invited to help with the construction – 3 year olds to 83 year olds will have opportunities to join in.

This project isn’t just about a park – it’s about making Factoria a community.