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Hunter Farm Gathering Place

Seattle, WA  2012

Partners:  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters “Taste of Community” Program, Wedgwood Community Council, the Hunter Family

Stage with benches and integrated art for community use during the 10 months of the year when the farm is not being used to sell Christmas trees.

Lacking an outdoor greenspace, the residents of Wedgewood want to create a gathering space for all ages that reflects the vibrant character of NE Seattle. With the generous donation of space by the Hunter Family of Hunter Tree Farm, this already much loved space can now be enjoyed year round. Figuring out how to make a movable gathering place so the Hunters can sell their wonderful trees during the holidays has been the catalyst for ingenuity and one of a kind designs.

Starting by defining the existing space, edges of the gathering place include the installation of composting walls and organized patterns of plants of different colors and textures. Wooden poles were  adorned with birdhouses, lights, colors and objects donated to the project by the community. Benches made with wood and bicycle wheels are the movable seating for a brand new amphitheater.