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Longfellow Creek/Roxhill Gateway

Longfellow Creek/Roxhill Gateway, West Seattle, WA

Providing gateways to a neighborhood legacy trail.

The City of Seattle joined with Delridge and Westwood Neighborhood residents to create a legacy trail along Longfellow Creek, one of only three remaining free-flowing creeks in Seattle. Pomegranate Center developed a community-based plan for the three-mile trail and facilitated the design and construction of a model gateway, serving as a prototype for future gateways and markers along the trail. The metal armature of this first gateway, fabricated by artist Paul Sorey, sets a consistent design standard for all future sites. Tile markers, created by community members, will change with talents and local characteristics.

West Seattle, Washington
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail Steering Committee
City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Funds, Delridge and Westwood Communities
Lead Designers:
Milenko Matanovic, Paul Sorey
Landscape Architect:
J.T. Atkins & Company
GIS Specialist:
Tile Lead and Project Manager:
Heidi Breeze-Harris
Volunteer Hours: