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Mainstreet Alley Gathering Place

Sumner, WA  2012

Partners:  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters “Taste of Community” program, City of Sumner

The citizens of Sumner wanted to transform an ordinary alley into a space expressing the unique character of their downtown. They envisioned an intimate and attractive gathering place that could serve as an artistic element for tourism, photo ops and more. Setting their sights high, they also believed the successful transformation of this alley could inspire other communities to think creatively about their alleys, no matter the limitations in space or movability.

After a series of community meetings and planning sessions, Pomegranate Center worked with the community to conceptualize a movable stage for performers, movable benches with built-in planters, and wooden gateways with metal accents. Over 75 novice and skilled volunteers came together to work with Pomegranate Center to complete this project doing metalwork, woodwork, painting and planting.

Photo credit:  Tim Matsui