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Manzanita Gathering Place

San Diego CA  2013

Pomegranate Project Partners: ARTS/A Reason to Survive, San Diego Foundation
Funding:  Rokenbok Educational Foundation, ORCA Fund
Additional Support included: The Junior League of San Diego, Malin Burnham San Diego Center for Civic Engagement, Community Housing Works, Carey Construction and Design, CM Emerald, and San Diego Canyonlands.

Manzanita Gathering Place is an important landmark for Pomegranate Center because it was the first Pomegranate Center project led by individuals trained in our methodology rather than led by us. ARTS staff and Fellows Training graduates took the reigns. With our mentorship, they successfully transformed this 1,500 square-foot space on a neglected street on a $20,000 budget in only three months. Volunteers, many of them school kids, removed abandoned electronics, furniture, and other debris to create a beautiful space where community members now organize neighborhood gatherings, meet informally, and enjoy the sunset.

An excellent example of sustainability practices and community engagement, Manzanita Gathering Place earned a Merit Award from the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Media:  A Corner Transformed, City Heights Life, Grounds for Approval, San Diego Union Tribune

Photo Credit:  Dennis Wood