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Prescott Plaza

Prescott, WA, 2014

Project Partners:  Blue Mountain Action Council

The community of Prescott transformed an abandoned lot into a colorful gathering place that celebrates the historic elements of this small town and embodies the heritage of this rural area. Using ideas generated by the people of Prescott, a structure that serves both as a stage and shelter were build. Surrounding the stage is a dance floor and multiple reclaimed metal windbreaks that shelter those gathered from the strong winds. Two welded gateways, designed to echo the wheat field landscape, stand at the entrance while planters filled with cascading greenery of various heights, wooden/iron tables, and basalt rock benches create organic borders along the sides of the lot. Silhouetted banners of native birds wave overhead, leading to the stage. Hand-built features using repurposed local materials create a vibrant space for community members to gather for library book readings, picnics, and evenings of music and dancing. The project symbolizes what joy, creativity, and collaboration inspires in a community project where local ideas and materials come to life.