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Riverwalk Point

Riverwalk Point, Spokane, WA

Integrating community-made art, street furniture and social spaces into an affordable neighborhood

Pomegranate Center joined a group of dedicated people from Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs (SNAP) and residents of the Riverwalk Point community to create a set of outdoor amenities to beautify and enhance the identity of this affordable housing development, including an outdoor amphitheater, benches, artwork and signage in just three days. Later, we joined forces with SNAP again to build a bus shelter-built from Tamarack “roundwood” for the more than 80 children who live at Riverwalk Point.

roundwood n. 1, timber too small to be cut into dimensional lumber. 2, wood in its natural state as felled or otherwise harvested.

Spokane, Washington
Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs
Milenko Matanovic, Laura Cacho, Emil Giese, Kathi Lightstone
Wood Artist:
Chiaki Takanohara
Project Coordinator:
Margy Hall
Volunteer Hours: