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Tacoma, WA  1997

Partners: City of Tacoma, Salishan Housing Development, Tacoma Housing Authority

Pomegranate Center mobilized residents of a housing development where 23 languages are spoken to create a gathering place on a plot adjacent to a community garden. Three interlocking shelters are supported by posts inlaid with copper recycled from the old roof of nearby historic Union Station train depot. The covered area stands next to a gathering circle made from cobblestones, brick and granite reclaimed from historic Tacoma streets. Douglas McLennan of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer hailed this project as “a remarkable example of public art grown within a community.“

A shelter, natural playground, gateways, and benches, all infused with art, now sit in a unifying central space in this diverse community.

Media:  Tacoma Weekly

Funding: Tacoma Arts Commission, City of Tacoma Department of Public Works, Tacoma Housing Authority, Metropolitan Park District, Eastside Neighborhood Council, Pierce County Cooperative extension, Family Investment Center, Buffalo Design, Key Bank, Holroyd Co. Inc., Randles Sand & Gravel, Anderson Construction, Addison Construction Supply, Gray Lumber, Western Structural, Woodworth & Co. Inc., Johnston Construction, Redford Honeybucket, American Portable Storage, Peterson Brothers Painting, Northwest Commercial Inc., and Tacoma Terrace