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Valle Lindo

Walla Walla, WA  2014
Partners: Blue Mountain Action Council, Walla Walla Housing Authority
Funding: Sherwood Trust, ORCA Fund

Where a dilapidated, abandoned house once sat, residents of Valle Lindo now have a welcoming gathering place for their children to play, their families to host celebrations, and for the whole community to hold cultural festivities.

Valle Lindo was the hands-on component of our Walla Walla Fellows Training alongside our long-term partner, Blue Mountain Action Council. The Walla Walla Housing Authority graded the site in preparation for volunteers to come in and transform the hillside. In four days, with approximately 1,000 volunteer hours and a materials budget of only $25,000, the group erected covered shelters with space for outdoor classrooms, ample seating, a grassy field for games, and a small amphitheater for celebrations. A curved path from the community center leads to this new gathering space, and at night, solar lights mark the pathways.

With the completion of Valle Lindo, Pomegranate Center advances its mission to train others in its collaborative community building practices.

Media:  New Gathering Area Heralds Rebirth of Valle Lindo, Union-Bulletin, Walla Walla