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Washington Park Gathering Place

Walla Walla, WA  2010

Partners:  City of Walla Walla, Sherwood Trust, Blue Mountain Action Council, Commitment to Community

We brought community members together to plan and design park additions that would inspire more community activity and make the park safer. The community agreed on a few important elements – they wanted a place to dance and make music, a promenade that was wide enough for four people to stroll side-by-side, and lots of color.

  • A stage and dance floor that can easily accomodate 50 couples is surrounded by 22′ carved and colorfully stained columns and hand painted banners.
  • Two picnic areas, also deliniated by carved and stained columns and banners, feature handmade tables and benches made of salvaged black walnut donated by the City.
  • A 8′ wide walking path encirlces the park with handmade black walnut benches placed along the way.
  • Over 200 handpainted pennant banners made by kids and parents from the community wave above the entryway and shelters.

Over just ten months, Pomegranate Center worked with the community to transform this misused space in a safe, useful, and vital destination, filled with color and activity. See more photos