Pomegranate Center


Sometimes, you don’t have time or capacity to do it yourself – you just need someone to do it for you.  Pomegranate Center’s project conveners and facilitators bring decades of experience to your project. Whether it’s a day-long retreat, a conference agenda or year-long community engagement process, if collaborative engagement is your goal, we can help.

Our team can do everything from consult with you for a few hours through key phases to designing and running large-scale community engagement processes. We have helped government employees develop better inter-department collaboration plans, coached volunteer groups through next steps in bringing the broader community into shaping their project, designed and run long rang community planning projects, and facilitated countless meetings. Meaningful community engagement and collaboration have a lot of steps – we are here for you.

Here’s a sample of some of the folks with whom we’ve been fortunate to work.

Email us to see if our solutions are a good fit for you and your project.

*Want to your team to learn how to do meaningful collaboration yourselves, rather than hiring us to do it for you? Check out our customized training and coaching solutions. *