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Sorry, during COVID, Pomegranate Center’s training programs are on hold.  To get notified when we start these programs up again, please sign up for our newsletter.

Pomegranate Center believes facilitators – people who fiercely defend a process that is collaborative and inclusive – are heroes. Fierce facilitation is a form of leadership not often celebrated, but so needed in our times. Join our revolution.

In the future, every community, agency, and company should have teams of trained facilitators that are neutral about what is decided, but fierce about protecting the process.

Let’s work together to end bad meetings, meetings with no clear direction, that devolve into shouting matches, that drift toward inaction. The Pomegranate Method gives people the tools and methods to build collaborative, inclusive, decisive projects that lead to alignment. Through workshops and free one-on-one coaching for graduates worldwide, Pomegranate Center supports collaborative community engagement wherever people gather. 

During hibernation, Pomegranate Center is offering complementary Collaboration Office Hours each quarter to community builders everywhere. Sign up today – we would love to see you!

During Pomegranate Center’s hiatus, Collaboration Office Hours are offered quarterly. Sign up for one of our complimentary 45-minute virtual sessions to connect with Katya and Milenko about community engagement, facilitation, or collaboration. Collaboration Office Hours are open to anyone during these times!

Collaborative community engagement can be hard. We are here to help. Through free virtual one-on-one coaching sessions, Collaboration Office Hours helps adapt the Pomegranate Method for your real-life projects.  

Struggling with writing a great question for your next meeting? Wondering about how to launch a convening group? Worried about facilitating your next meeting? Katya and Milenko are so happy to talk it through with you.

Virtual 45-minute sessions are available once per quarter.

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Get started changing the collaborative culture of your project or work. Learn an approach and structure you can use right away.

Our workshops are for anyone who engages with community. Our specialty is work focused on community of geography where the common element is place — everyone who lives, works, or uses resources in a certain area. This includes people working in governments, museums, libraries, school staff, architects and planners, and community organizers.

We also know that the Pomegranate Method is powerful within a community of affinity where community is defined by something other than place that binds us — mission, religion, hobby, company purpose. The principles and methods of collaboration are the same, no matter the setting.

Our standard introduction workshop is a two-day intensive. Join our founder, Milenko Matanovic and CEO Katya Matanovic as they guide you through a cycle from initial idea through implementation. Our workshop covers the basic steps of the Pomegranate Method and introduces you to new tools and practices that increase collaboration. To highlight just a few, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find common themes and build agreement
  • Craft a shared vision for the future — what “ought” to happen
  • Facilitate fiercely in order to protect the process and respectfully include everyone
  • Design a project (of any size) from the very beginning to be more collaborative, creative and aligned
  • Incorporate even the smallest changes into your daily meetings and gatherings – at work, home or with your community – that can make decision making more fun and harmonious

And now introducing, Collaboration Office Hours – a new program that gives Pomegranate Method graduates free one-on-one coaching to adapt the method for your real-life projects. 


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Sometimes the introduction isn’t enough. Let Pomegranate Center help you shape a culture of collaboration within your agency, company or project by creating customized training and coaching for your team.

Today, it is more important than ever to have aligned, trained team members ready to manage your community collaboration work with ease, consistency, and joy. The Pomegranate Method is a wonderfully adaptable approach to standardizing your community engagement process. Customized trainings combine workshops and mentorship customized for your field of work and your team requirements. When an entire team has been trained in our method, members don’t waste time “reinventing the wheel” to get others up to speed.

Just need a little coaching to get you through your project? Want some advice customizing the Pomegranate Method for your specific field or timeline? We offer personalized coaching sessions to get you started on the right foot or navigate a tricky moment in your project.

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